Easy Skinny Mashed Potato – Resep Kentang Tumbuk

I love potato! we all do! 😀 Despite its simple recipe and preparation (My mother used to cook Kartoffelpüree (or mashed potato, Germany and as I kid, I thought that the cooking process was really simple), we rarely see any stall shop or simple, “economically feasible” restaurants serving mashed potato in their menu, in Indonesia. Well it’s probably because.. you know, “mashed rice” or buryam is more preferable to Indonesian people. :p

However actually, Indonesia has a food resembling mashed potato, yep, perkedel. While mashed potato usually served as the main dish (staple food) in other countries, Indonesian people eat perkedel as a side-dish, as the company to rice, our “cannot-live-without-it” food.

Perkedel. Source: google
Perkedel. Source: google

Ignoring its preparation (by deep fat frying), I definitely love perkedel. But we’ve been limiting our deep-fat-frying-food intake lately and I want to eat potato as a main ingredient of the dish not as the side dish, but don’t want to fried or simply boil it either. So, I was digging up the easiest step and recipe to make mashed potato. Where it’s true that we don’t actually need recipe for something as simple as mashed potato, but hey, we are a kitchen newbie and we need step-by-step procedure before we can go with our undeveloped kitchen instinct, right? :p

Here it is what I made for yesterday’s breakfast, adjusted from recipe in thekitchn (click to see the source). I want to have some other nutrition in it so I added diced carrots and leek.

Ingredient (hover picture to see details)

Main : Potatoes (2 bh besar/3 bh sedang), Carrotes (diced, to taste (secukupnya)), leeks (to taste), 1 tbsp olive oil, plain milk 100-150 mL, salt & pepper (to taste),
Optional : 2 cloves of garlic, caraway powder

How its made (preparation time: about 45 minutes)

1. Boil some water, stir in 1 tbsp of salt, and 2 cloves of garlic if you like (will add some nice garlic flavor, the garlic will stay in the boiled water, don’t smash it up with potatoes)

2. Dice potatoes as fine as you can and you want, the finer they are, the easier they will be to mash later.

3. Stir the diced potatoes and diced carrots in the boiled water

4. Let it boil until about 20 minutes, until really tender

5. Meanwhile, chop some leeks

6. Prepare the milk (I used 2 tbsp of instant milk powder in about 100 mL or lil’ bit more hot water or you can use any milk you want, as long as its plain).
you can also add up to some cream cheese or something. The more fat you add, the creamier your dish will be. But it’s your choice, and if you want your mashed potatoes to be skinnier and healthier, I suggest just add milk. 🙂

7. When the potatoes and carrots are quite soft, drain them and return them to a pan over medium heat. Add some olive oil (you can also use margarine or butter to add the flavor and creaminess, but again, your choice)

8. Cook potatos and carrots for a few minutes, stir them rapidly and vigorously. You also want to break and smash the potatoes and carrots with the spoon. Just cook, stir, and smash mercilessly!

9. When you’ve evaporated any remaining water, and both the potatoes and carrots are quite smashed up and smooth, add the milk and chopped leeks, as well as any other dairy you’d like to throw in. Pour the milk in slowly, stirring constantly. Keep stirring and cooking until the potatoes are quite hot, creamy, and smooth. Turn off the heat, season to taste with pepper and salt, (I stirred in some caraway powder (jinten) to add the flavor) and dish them up!

And this was our mashed potatoes! yumm, served with some chicken strips and sauce. And by the way, this mashed potatoes was very quickly to make you full, so you probably have to be considerate when ladling it to your plate, don’t let leftover in your plate! 😉

Preparation time : about 45 minutes
Made for : 2 servings
Calorie in 1 cup : about 200 kkal
Ingredients Price : Cheap – Fair
Pictures sources : Google,dish result: my camera 

Yummy for tummy
Yummy for tummy

2 thoughts on “Easy Skinny Mashed Potato – Resep Kentang Tumbuk

  1. I do love any potato based dishes, especially when I left the skin attached 🙂
    but mostly, Indonesian food stalls make their potato-dishes and I really loved perkedel but lately I need to think twice to take it to my plate since it needed to be deep-fried in the preparation process

    1. Right. potato-dishes made by Indonesian food-stalls are really delicious, yet mostly made by deep-frying. 😦 Anyway, it’s good for you trying to reduce deep-fried-food. 🙂

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