Full name is Atikah Bararah. 23 yo. Married. Moslem. Indonesian. Love to learn and share. I originally hate cooking, but I am now obsessed with cooking whole, healthier yet simple food, using Indonesian affordable foodstuffs, since I married in Aug, 2013. Sometimes it’s really hard to be commit to due to all the fast and deep fried mouth watering food lying around me, plead me to eat them.. Never take an official cooking class, and originally not kitchen talented, so please forgive my rookie-ness. Of course, I’ve been learning to create my own recipe and cooking style, but first of all, currently most of the recipe I share in this blog is still copied, with little modification and simplification, from other food bloggers, food websites, all over internet and books (with credit). And with the blood of cooking-hater running in my system, I try to simplify every process of cooking (for dish and vegetables) to be as quick as I can.

However, this blog is not only about food on the plate, sometimes food on the street, or even not related to food at all. Total random blog, with slightly inclination towards homemade food and whole, healthier life. I currently stay in Tangerang, Indonesia, yet connected to everywhere in the world via google. You can email me anytime to atikah.bore@gmail.com. Looking forward to your comments, thoughts, and suggestions, and hope we can learn together. 🙂


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