Easy Skinny Mashed Potato – Resep Kentang Tumbuk

I love potato! we all do! ­čśÇ Despite its simple recipe and preparation (My mother used to cook Kartoffelp├╝ree (or mashed potato, Germany and as I kid, I thought that the cooking process was really simple), we rarely see any stall shop or simple, “economically feasible” restaurants serving mashed potato in their menu, in Indonesia. Well it’s probably because.. you know, “mashed rice” or buryam is more preferable to Indonesian people. :p

However actually, Indonesia has a food resembling mashed potato, yep, perkedel. While mashed potato usually served as the main dish (staple food) in other countries, Indonesian people eat perkedel as a side-dish, as┬áthe company to┬árice, our “cannot-live-without-it” food.

Perkedel. Source: google
Perkedel. Source: google

Ignoring its preparation (by deep fat frying), I definitely love perkedel. But we’ve been limiting our deep-fat-frying-food intake lately and I want to eat potato as a main ingredient of the dish not as the side dish, but don’t want to fried or simply boil it either. So, Continue reading Easy Skinny Mashed Potato – Resep Kentang Tumbuk